Sarah Palin is a Cancer

If you haven’t heard, Sarah Palin’s eldest son has been arrested on charges of domestic violence and possession of a firearm while intoxicated. Mrs. Palin claims that her son’s behavior is directly related to PTSD resulting from his time fighting in Iraq. Her son may very well be suffering from PTSD linked to his tours […]

State of ConFusion

It’s late January, it’s 4 degrees out, and I’m just pleased as punch to be driving six hours to visit Detroit Michigan this weekend. “What?” you cry. “Are you mad? Are you suffering from hypothermia? Are you about to rip your clothes off and run out into the wilderness to die?” No, fair traveler, I’m […]

When Writing and Comedy Collide

“So, are you an author, or a comic?” It’s a question I’m asked surprisingly frequently, from both sides of my professional life. For anyone who hasn’t come across me yet, I’m both a sci-fi author as well as a stand-up comedian. For some reason, people looking in at my passions seem to believe they are unrelated, […]