Get Ready for GenCon

It’s that time of year again! In five days, sixty-thousand plus gamers, cosplayers, aspiring writers, and nerds of all stripes will descend upon downtown Indianapolis like a swarm of geeky grasshoppers for GenCon, the best four days in gaming. And once again, one of the best kept secrets in the publishing industry will be happening […]

Moving Up and Moving Out

Good afternoon, readers. I have an exciting announcement to make regarding the future of the blog portion of the website. After many years shouting into the void, a series of fortuitous accidents has ended with me accepting an offer to become a political contributor to “The Hill,” where I will still be shouting into the […]

Europa or Bust

  This is the first image from Juno, NASA’s new probe to Jupiter. In it, you can see the solar system’s largest planet (Jupiter, obvs), the solar system’s most volcanically active body (Io, first spec to the right), and arguably the solar system’s best patch of real-estate to search for extraterrestrial life (Europa). I say the […]

Too Soon!

“Too soon!” It’s a phrase I hear a lot as a comedian and blogger, usually shouted from the back of a darkened club, or posted in a comment thread. I hear it after topical jokes, or posts about current events. It’s been repeated so often that it’s become a joke in and of itself. Whenever […]