We Failed Dontre Hamilton

In April, a man named Dontre Hamilton was shot and killed in Red Arrow Park in Milwaukee, WI, not far from where I live. In a pattern that has become all-too familiar across the country over the last several months, Hamilton, an unarmed black man, was killed by Officer Christopher Manney, a white policeman. It was announced […]

Back to Confusion, MI

So the biggest little con in the midwest is less than a month away. I’ll be attending Confusion, MI for the third time alongside a surprisingly thick roster of other sci-fi and fantasy authors. If you’ve never been, Confusion has quickly become on of my favorites. Here’s my schedule of panels. It’s going to be a […]

North Korea is Run by Lunatics

Okay, I’m going to leave the implications of Sony bowing to pressure of terrorist threats and pulling the release of “The Interview” to other pundits. Instead, I’d like to focus on the inexplicable fact that the situation exists at all. In a truly bizarre turn of events, it looks likely that North Korea was behind […]

After the Draft: Victory

I am proud and humbled to announce that as of today, my third novel, THE ARK has been sold to editor Marc Gascgoine of Angry Robot Books. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Angry Robot is a publisher of genre fiction with many great names in their stable. Several friends of mine are counted […]

On Torture

On Tuesday, and against the wishes and behind-the-scene efforts of the Obama Administration, the long-awaited Senate report on the investigation of the CIA’s “Enhanced Interrogation” program was released. I put “Enhanced Interrogation” in quotation marks because it is a euphemism for torture which abuses the plain meaning of language in the same way it abuses flesh. The term was first […]