Epstein, Acosta, Trump, and the MSM’s Quiet Cowardice

Oliver Contreras / Sipa USA via AP file

Yes, yes, Robert Kraft shelling out fifty bucks for a handy is hilarious, but a far more important sex trafficking scandal is going relatively unnoticed by the media. Read on and let’s see if we can change that.

Jeffery Epstein, infamous convicted child sex trafficking billionaire and close friend of Donald Trump, is under renewed scrutiny after his sweetheart plea deal with then federal prosecutor Alex Acosta was declared illegal by a judge last week for violating victims’ rights laws.

At the conclusion of that case, Epstein was convicted of the reduced charge of solicitating a minor, when in reality he was running an underage prostitution ring involving dozens of victims of sex trafficking, many of whom he’d personally groomed through “recruiters” of similar ages and circumstances from underprivileged communities. But thanks to his plea deal with Acosta, Epstein served only 13 months in a county jail, during which he participated in a work-release program that allowed him to spend his daylight hours in his office, an arrangement sex offenders are supposed to be barred from.

But that’s not even the most outrageous, nor the most relevant part of the plea deal. No, really, it gets much worse. You see, part of the deal also effectively ended an FBI probe into Epstein’s child sex trafficking network that was trying to determine not only the identities of the victims, but the names of Epstein’s friends and customers who jointed in the conspiracy to rape dozens of girls. Even worse, these coconspirators were granted immunity from prosecution, effectively ending any legal avenues for law enforcement to bring anyone who participated in Epstein’s child sex trafficking ring to justice.

Why is that important? I’m glad you asked! But first, let’s talk for a moment about sweetheart plea deals. As we’ve already seen in the Mueller investigation, the reason for a competent prosecutor to offer a plea deal to a member of a conspiracy is to get them to turn state’s evidence against the bigger fish further up the chain. This is why Rick Gates is walking free without spending a day in prison, while his decades-long coconspirator, Paul Manafort, is facing the very real prospect of ending his life as a permanent guest of the federal correctional system (Manafort was Trump’s 2016 Campaign Manager/Chairman, incidentally). But Acosta’s deal did exactly the opposite. Instead of rewarding Epstein for flipping on the rest of the pedophile network he’d built, Acosta gave the man he was supposed to be prosecuting for raping children carte blanch to protect other men just as guilty as himself. Which brings us to the next point.

Donald J. Trump is an accused child rapist. Jeffery Epstein was named as the man who supplied Trump with girls to rape by one of Trump’s victims in a lawsuit that has since been pulled after she received death threats from Trump supporters, much as Stormy Daniels reported. In the lawsuit, the plaintiff alleged Epstein arranged several sessions during which Trump violently raped her while she was tied to a bed, begging him to stop.

An excerpt from the complaint against Trump/Epstein 

If that sounds out-of-character for The Donald, I won’t direct you to his infamous Access Hollywood “Pussy-grabber” tape we’re all aware of, I’d direct you instead to the testimony of his first wife, Ivana Trump, who during their divorce proceedings (while Trump was already fucking wife #2, incidentally) testified that Donald attacked her in a rage after a botched hair replacement surgery. According to Ivana’s deposition, Donald ripped out clumps of her hair in revenge as a prelude to raping her as punishment for referring him to the surgeon who screwed up his hair implants.

Where were we? Oh right, Trump has been credibly accused of being a rapist by multiple women of varying ages and socioeconomic backgrounds across decades of his life. Oh, but it doesn’t actually stop with Trump’s personal perverse proclivities, you know it doesn’t. A man like Trump experiencing the thrills of Epstein’s child sex trafficking empire firsthand couldn’t help himself but try to expand on it.

Enter Trump Models.

Still with me? Cool, so it probably won’t come as a surprise the dude who bragged about sneaking around backstage at the Miss Teen USA pageant that he owned while underaged girls were in various states of undress just because he could also ran a modeling agency that was forced to shut down under growing accusations of sex trafficking, primarily from former Soviet block countries where, TOTALLY COINCIDENTALY, Trump’s 3rd wife and current FLOTUS (who he was fucking before divorcing wife #2, whom he’d been fucking before divorcing wife #1) just happens to hail from under a journey through the US immigration system that still hasn’t been adequately explained. Because that also happened. Jesus Christ, I’m getting tired.

So what have been Trump’s public statements about his good friend Jeffery Epstein? I swear to whatever Gods you believe in, I’m not making this next quote up:

“I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it, Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

-Sippy Cup Caligula

[Pause while the author just fucking screams into the universe in a primal rage]

Still here? Sweet. At this point, the sharper among you are probably asking what happened to the “prosecutor” who gave a sweetheart plea deal to a pedophile who demanded not to flip on anyone more powerful than him as a condition of the arrangement? Haha! Funny story, Alex Acosta is sitting on Trump’s Cabinet as the Secretary of Labor. Going to spell it out for the slower people reading this. If you think it’s coincidence a billionaire convicted of sex crimes just randomly ended up getting an asinine level of leniency from a federal prosecutor who was later rewarded with a Cabinet position by one of said billionaire’s alleged billionaire pedophile customers, well, you’ve probably never mastered tying your own shoes.

Which leads me to my next question. Why in the hell is this obvious complicity and collusion between Acosta, Epstein, and Trump over child sex trafficking not the top story on every legitimate news outlet today? As you can see from the extensive sourcing above, everything I’ve said in this post is not only true, but has been part of the public record for months and in many cases years.

Every political journalist worth their salt should be able to rattle off the contents of this post from memory. So where’s the story being told? It used to be that journalists would lay out all the facts and trust their audience to draw their own conclusions.

But today, either out of misapplied dedication to impartiality, fear of losing access, or having been cowed by Trump’s “FAKE NEWS” drumbeat, journalists and pundits seem determined not to connect the dots, specifically for fear of the conclusions their audiences will naturally draw. It has only been recently, almost three years after Trump publicly asked Russia to steal Hillary Clinton’s emails, that the media is finally knocking around words like ‘treason,’ and ‘Russian asset,’ despite those terms being the only and inescapable descriptions of his public behavior from that moment forward.

How much longer before someone in the media starts calling Trump not just a traitor, which he unequivocally is, but also a sex trafficker and child rapist? This doesn’t require any imagination, only courage and the acceptance of facts already in the public domain, often unearthed by their colleagues, but not yet assembled into a narrative whole. It’s almost as if the obvious truth is too terrible to contemplate; that a sexual predator working either directly or indirectly on behalf of Russian interests stole the Presidency. It sounds like the backflap of a hack Cold War era pulp thriller, a plot so outlandish that most readers would throw it across the room before halfway through and would only pick it up again to drop it in the trash can. But based on everything we now know, it is self-evidently true.

And if we have any hope of rectifying this horrifying state of affairs, we need to accept what is right in front of our faces, because our collective incredulity, especially on the part of the 4th Estate, is exactly why this asinine plot succeeded in the first place.

P.S. The Jupiter, FL “massage parlor” Robert Kraft was busted soliciting prostitutes at is less than 20 miles from Mar a Lago.


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Donald Trump Poised to Slide Down the Polls

Trump’s implanted wig in open rebellion again its cruel master.

Donald Trump is staring down a perfect storm of falling poll numbers this week. Several competing political scandals are poised to merge into a maelstrom that will, belatedly, finally, start to chew into his core group of supporters in a meaningful way for the first time since he stole the Presidency.

But before we innumerate those scandals, it’s important to define exactly who Trump still counts among his dwindling base. At this point, there are basically two kinds of Trump supporters left (outside of the Kremlin), and they are both about to be very disappointed.

Type A Trump voters are just anti-establishment libertarian jackasses. You know the sort. They’re the fedora clan who only stopped rereading their copies of Atlas Shrugged because all the pages were stuck together. These are the straight white guys who wear cargo shorts and socks with their sandals who don’t mind the naked racism and misogyny Trump constantly spews as long as the government is destroyed and their taxes go down. They chanted “DRAIN THE SWAMP!”

Type B Trump voters are literally fucking Nazis. Unapologetic white supremacist fascists who absolutely loved every racist thing Trump has ever said or done, from denying housing to colored applicants in the 70’s, to calling for the death penalty for the Central Park 5 in a state that didn’t even have that option, to his callous disregard for the thousands of immigrant children his administration kidnapped from their parents. They chanted “BUILD THE WALL.”

There is no Option C.

Type A Trump voters are doing their taxes and, unless they’re VERY wealthy, are discovering the tax return they were expecting has shrunk, or disappeared entirely as a direct result of Trump’s tax scam. They were never genuinely fiscally conservative, which is why they didn’t make a sound when the tax bill exploded the national debt by more than a trillion dollars and failed to trigger a private sector job creation boom as promised, because they were only ever concerned with their personal bottom line. But this year, many will actually owe money to the IRS for the first time in their working lives. This is a PR disaster that will cost Sippy Cup Caligula at least a few points in the polls.

Type B Trump voters are already mad the last government shutdown ended in Piss Play Pol Pot genuflecting to Nancy Pelosi without funding for the Wall, like a cuck, but they held out hope their faith would be rewarded three weeks later. That delusion will end Friday, when Trump will neither shut down the government again, nor declare a National Emergency in order to steal money from existing pots of government cash to fund his Racist Mt. Rushmore.
The rest of the GOP has exactly no appetite for a repeat of that disaster, especially now that the TSA and air traffic controller unions know they can shutdown a shutdown in less than a day. They’ll pass a veto-proof CR to fund the Gov in a second.

Nor does Trump’s threat to use emergency powers have any legs. Because again, the GOP isn’t onboard out of fear of the precedent it would set. The last thing they want to do is give President Kamala Harris an excuse to declare a national emergency in 2021 to combat global warming, or gun violence, or the healthcare crisis.

So the Nazi wing of Trump’s base is poised to be dealt a second embarrassment in less than a month. It will finally sink in that they’re never getting their fucking wall, because their master negotiator couldn’t deliver on literally the only campaign promise they cared about.

I think we’ll be seeing Trump’s approval rating in the low 30’s, or maybe even high 20’s in the near future. And THAT will change the political calculation for an awful lot of vulnerable GOP Senators facing reelection next year. Get him below 30% and keep him there, and impeachment and outright conviction in the Senate on the strength of the Mueller investigation’s final report is no longer out of the question. And then… well, no one can protect him from the SDNY investigations into the Trump Organization, Trump Foundation, or the Trump Inaugural Committee.

Buckle up, buttercup. It’s only going to get worse for you from here.


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