Month: February 2017

Hillary Clinton is in Bed With China

  Let’s run a thought experiment. It’s July, 2016. For the first time in months, Hillary Clinton has announced a press conference. During the Q&A portion, she comes out swinging and, to the shock of everyone, pleads with China to hack into her opponent, Donald Trump’s email system and release that information to the world. […]

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9 Reasons to Fear Putin’s New America

Photo courtesy of Adam Rakunas In an interview with Bill O’Reilly that aired before the Super Bowl on Sunday, Donald Trump made yet another spirited defense of his political ally, Russian President Vladimir Putin. When pressed by the Fox News host over his year-long bromance with Putin the “killer,” Trump pushed back, insisting that there […]

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Trump Stealing Beats from Comedy

Photo courtesy of CNN Last weekend, Donald Trump met with members of the Central Intelligence Agency. With the CIA Memorial Wall which honers, excuse me, honors agents lost in the line of duty as a backdrop to his speech, Mr. Trump launched into a rambling tirade against the press, praised himself for winning the election, […]

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