Brand new news to share. Firstly, The Crimson Pact: Volume III has hit the eShelves. For $4.99, you get fifteen demon-fighting stories from all over the multiverse. Many of your favorite characters return in sequels to stories from volumes I and II, while still others come from bright and shiny new faces for you to meet. Fifteen stories for five bucks, that’s thirty-three cents a story people. You can’t beat that kind of value. Still not convinced? Well, we have something to help sway the non-believers out there. No, it’s not the Spanish Inquisition, (you’d never expect it), it’s a FREE copy of our sampler Tales From the Crimson Pact. This sampler contains four juicy stories to wet your appetite for more, including my very first CP story Monsters Under the Bed. But act quickly, after tomorrow, the price skyrockets back to ninety-nine cents.

In other news, writing continues in earnest on my second Abyss Walker project, A Wererat’s Tale: Collar of Perdition. Kellacun travels south to find new adventures, and more dangerous enemies. Expect to see this one on the shelves around Christmas.

I’ll be in Madison, WI next weekend playing panelist at OdysseyCon. Swing on by and say hello.

And finally, I have a little treat for dedicated fans. As a big fan of The Onion, I was inspired to write a satirical article dedicated to the outrageous attempts of a particular political party to drag gender issues back into the 1950’s. Now I try not to get political here, but I think most of us can agree that things are getting a bit silly when equal pay protection laws are being struck down in midnight sessions. So, in the tradition of trading one absurdity for another, I give you…

Female Pilots Shove a Tampon in the GOP War on Women: