My FB page has reached 200 likes! Thanks to all my old fans, and all the new people who have just wandered in. As promised, here’s the celebratory short story, never before published. Titled “Unerring”, it is set in the Abyss Walker Universe, the same as my upcoming release, “The Wererat’s Tale: The Collar of […]

Brain Droppings

If you’ve always wondered about what sort of sake writers drink, what they do to maintain their stellar physiques, their opinions on superhero movies, or the slow homogenization of the entertainment industry, wonder no more! Thursday’s interview with the Damsels of Dorkington is up, and it was a lot of fun. Look for these screwballs […]

One Art, please…

I have some covers to share today! First up is the artwork for Sarah Hans’ first anthology, “Sidekicks”. The deadly looking lady in purple is Stiletto, a character in my short “Coffee and Collaborators.” I’m honored she made the front. “Sidekicks” is being edited now and should be available soon. Next up is the final […]

ConFusion Report

Happy first-day-back-after-a-con day, everyone! I spent the weekend in Michigan, surrounded by a brick wall topped with a barbed-wire fence. Sadly, or happily, the rest of the story is not as dramatic as the opening might make it seem. I was a panelist at Immortal Confusion, and for a smallish con, (around 850 attendees) it […]

Escaping the Pile: Part V

Hello again. I’m cramming in as much work as possible this week ahead of Immortal ConFusion this weekend, so let’s get today’s post rolling. Last week, we talked about the critical importance of crafting a killer opening. This week, we’re delving deeper. Once you’ve hooked the slush reader with a brilliant line or introductory paragraph, […]

You Can’t Stop the Signal…

Hey gang! Couple things to report today. First, please take a moment to boost the signal on Sarah Hans’ Blog and read a short interview about her debut anthology project, “Sidekicks!” She says nice things about my story, “Coffee and Collaborators.” Now, it’s just over a week before I pack up the rental car and […]

Escaping the Pile: Part IV

Good morning, internets! I hope everyone’s New Year’s is getting off on the right foot. It’s another week, so it’s time for the next installment of Escaping the Pile. Everything we’ve talked about so far: cover letters, formatting, word count, compatibility, has been about preparation. These are things you can do to improve the odds […]