How to Tackle Writing Your First Sequel

So, that plucky little sci-fi novel staring cybernetic vampire mermaids you slaved over for two years has, miraculously, found an agent, been sold to a publisher, rewritten, rewritten again, and finally got the green light from your editor. Congratulations! Your on-spec masterpiece has turned into your debut novel! You are now a professional author. Now, […]

Terrorism and the Tricky Nature of Word Usage

  Well, we’ve had another spectacularly awful week in American ethnic relations. On Saturday in Irving, Texas, already infamous for not knowing what a fucking clock looks like,  gunman surrounded a mosque carrying long-rifles to “protest Syrian refugees,” in the wake of the Paris attacks, exactly none of which were actually involved in the Paris attacks. That […]

On Syrian Refugees and Gun Control

“But, but, but, we can’t let in any refugees because they might be hiding t-t-t-terrorists!” I’ve heard enough of this shit. Yeah, they might be. It’s very possible Daesh has tried to plant operatives inside the ranks of refugees fleeing their murderous rampage, hoping to cause EXACTLY the reaction people refusing to help are giving them. They […]

THE ARK Promotional Round Up

Hello, everyone! It’s been almost two weeks since The Ark launched. Sales are going fairly well, but could always be better. Christmas is coming up, just saying’. Anyway, it’s been a really busy couple of weeks around here. Wonderful folks all over the (primarily English speaking) world have asked me to share my thoughts, such […]

T Minus Zero: THE ARK Launches!

It’s finally here. Release Day! Book Birthday! Whatever you want to call it, I woke up this morning as a published author. THE ARK is available now from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and independent bookstores everywhere. If you preordered your copy, (thank you, thank you, thank you) it should be arriving today or soon thereafter. […]