THE ARK Promotional Round Up

Hello, everyone! It’s been almost two weeks since The Ark launched. Sales are going fairly well, but could always be better. Christmas is coming up, just saying’.

Anyway, it’s been a really busy couple of weeks around here. Wonderful folks all over the (primarily English speaking) world have asked me to share my thoughts, such as they are, with their readers, listeners, and viewers. Some of them were surprisingly insightful. All of them were a lot of fun, at least for me. Here are links to the highlights of my little tour of the internet:!

Geek Mom!

Interview with The Eisenstein Effect!

Speculate SF Podcast!

A free short story in the Speculative Herald!

A great review by one of the 100 Year Starship guys!

Sci-Fi Signal!

The Quillery!

Civilian Reader!’s Rocket Talk Podcast!

Angry Robot Book’s #ArkAttack Contest!

And, last but not least, The Book Plank!

Wow, when you stick them all in one place like that, it looks like I’ve been busy.  Anyway, as a parting gift, here’s a little schematic I whipped up of the Ark herself to make it easier for readers to follow along with the action in the book. Enjoy! And don’t forget to leave reviews. Feed your authors.

Ark Schematic









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