On Entitlement

I keep hearing about how all these “entitled” people are stealing money from honest,  hard working folks and wrecking the economy. And I agree completely. There are people who believe they’re entitled to money they haven’t earned for work they haven’t done. And that attitude is very damaging to our society as a whole. For example, […]

No One Coasts to the Top

This is a Ford Fiesta. It has around 100 horsepower, and can go around 100 miles per hour. It’s a car, and it’ll get the job done, but this isn’t going to be anyone’s desktop wallpaper. If you want to go faster, which we both know you do, you’ll need something like this… This is […]

Waging War on the Minimum Wage

With the President’s recent commitment to try and raise it and news coming in from SeaTac, Washington, the public debate over the minimum wage is heating up again. I’ve hashed out my conservative argument for raising the minimum wage before, but I’ve been seeing a lot of fallacious arguments and memes making the rounds on social media that […]

After the Draft: A New Hope

It’s been quite a while since our last episode of After the Draft. Until this point, we’d been following around my second novel manuscript, Let Sleeping Gods Lie as it wound its way through the labyrinth of query letters, synopsis writing, partial requests, rejections, and waiting. It’s been so long, in fact, that in the […]