Month: December 2013

On Taking Offense

As both an author and amateur stand-up comic, I, perhaps more so than most, try to keep keenly aware of what’s ‘Offensive.’ But, unlike most, I do so to push the envelope of what’s acceptable. I’m the guy standing on the railing leaning over to get a good look at how far it is to […]

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Five Books That Sucked Too Much To Finish

Just for a bit of fun today, I’m starting a meme. In a complete reverse of the “10 Books That Influenced You” meme making the rounds among my writer type friends, I give you What “Five Books Sucked Too Much To Finish”. I could have padded it out to ten, but I’m feeling lazy. 1. […]

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Legendary ConFusion 2014

Good morning, interwebs. Just a couple bits of news today. First, I’m excited to report that my short story, “Dead Download” snagged an Honorable Mention from the judges of the Writers of the Future Contest for the third quarter. This is the second story of mine to snag the honor, although I’m still hoping to […]

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