Month: December 2012

Escaping the Pile: Part II

Hello world. I’m not going to lie, I’m dragging something fierce to pull myself out of the post-Christmas malaise. I’m full of too much lasagna, Andes mints, and seasonal beer to be a valuable member of society, and next week, we’re going to do it all over again. However, I promised you the next segment […]

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Escaping the Pile: Confessions of a Slushie Machine, Part I

Good afternoon, aspiring writers! Today, I’m starting a six-part series on what you can do to kick your work to the top of the pile and start getting noticed. But first, what makes me think I can tell you anything? Well, I’ve managed through hard work and a generous helping of luck to get over […]

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Rat on the Run

Hello, everyone! Some exciting things to report today. A couple weeks ago, in a fit of creativity, I wrote a short story in a day. “Coffee and Collaborators” was the result, written with an anthology invite in mind. It tells the tale of the sidekicks of the world’s most beloved superhero, and it’s most dangerous […]

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