Rat on the Run

Hello, everyone! Some exciting things to report today. A couple weeks ago, in a fit of creativity, I wrote a short story in a day. “Coffee and Collaborators” was the result, written with an anthology invite in mind. It tells the tale of the sidekicks of the world’s most beloved superhero, and it’s most dangerous super-villain, as they meet covertly to keep their power-mad bosses from destroying the Earth. Sparks and bullets fly in this action comedy. I really love it, and I have a feeling it will find a home somewhere soon. Stay tuned.

Even more exciting is the status of my first novella. The third book in Shane Moore’s popular Wererat’s Tale series, “The Collar of Perdition” is on schedule for a February release. The provocative cover art is finished, with Terry Naughton of Disney fame providing the brush. I’ve been given the green-light to wet your appetite for Kellacun’s latest adventure with a sneak peek.

So please, feast your eyes on the first exciting scene from The Wererat’s Tale: The Collar of Perdition:

Wererat III Sample

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