Warning, Social Commentary Ahead

M’kay, for anyone confused or complaining about the different reactions to the Trayvon Martin shooting and the recent murder of Christopher Lane, let me explain why the comparison is a false equivalence. First, no one is saying that white-on-black crime is more serious or less forgivable than the reverse. Anyone who thinks this is the […]

After the Draft: Episode I

Yesterday, I finished the first draft of a high-fantasy novel I’ve been working on titled Any Port in a Storm. Hooray me! This draft came in at 107,324 words, and took about eight months to write in total, not counting several long breaks I took to write a pair of unrelated novellas and several short […]

Coming Attractions

It’s shaping up to be an exciting month around here. Next week, I’ll be performing at GenCon as the opening act for some very talented friends of mine, The Damsels of Dorkington. They are an improv comedy group of three hot girls and a man in a dress, with a predilection for the very nerdy. […]