Month: November 2013

On the Minimum Wage and Free-Markets

Hello everybody. It’s the day after Thanksgiving here in the States. I hope you all sufficiently stuffed yourselves with turkey or tofu, depending on your preferences. But now that we’re solidly into the consumerism orgy that is the holiday shopping season, I thought it was time to hit on a topic that has been brewing […]

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After the Draft: Episode VII, Michael R. Underwood

Well, it’s Monday everyone, and if you’re here in the Midwest with me, you just got walloped by storms and the temperature dropped thirty degrees overnight. As a consolation prize, this month’s guest post comes from fellow author and geek extraordinaire, Michael R. Underwood. He’s here to share his story of unusually sudden success, and […]

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An Open Letter to Orson Scott Card

Mr. Card, Hi. How are things? Great, glad to hear it. I had the chance to see Ender’s Game on opening night, which I must congratulate you on. It was one of the finest movie adaptations of a book I’ve seen. Considering the source material, that was no small feat. I should tell you that […]

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