Month: July 2019

The Canopus Awards, Year Two. Drumroll Please…

Big announcement today, everybody. Yesterday, after an unfortunate hiatus caused by Hurricane Harvey, the people over at 100 Year Starship were finally able to announce the winners of the second year of the Canopus Award for Excellence in Interstellar Writing. As the name suggests, these awards go out to authors and works that align with […]

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STARSHIP REPO Audiobook Available Now

Audiobookphiles! The long wait is over. STARSHIP REPO is now available to pipe into your eardrums. Narrated again by Broadway star Alyssa Bresnahan, it’s a can’t miss. Burn a credit and give it a listen here. From the summary: Firstname Lastname is a no one with nowhere to go, with a name that is the […]

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