Month: June 2015

America. Fuck Yeah.

            It’s been a rough week for assholes. First, we all kinda realized that flying the flag of an enemy nation comprised of treasonous, slavery-defending jack wagons was a weird thing to be doing in 2015. Then the law which has already seen a thirty-five percent drop in the uninsured rate […]

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CONvergence 2015

Hey gang. Just a quick update. Next weekend, I’ll be joining dozens of other writers, editors, agents, and other publishing industry professionals in Bloomington, MN for CONvergence. If you’ve never been to this four day bender of reckless geeky hedonism, you’re missing out. We stuff about six thousand thirsty nerds into the Double Tree Hilton, […]

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Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Don’t quit your day job. As an author and aspiring comedian, it’s a refrain I hear constantly. Sometimes directed at my friends and colleagues, sometimes at me. Sometimes it’s sincere advice given by people who have already passed down these roads, know their perils, and know what it takes to walk the path successfully. But […]

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