Rick Scott Unmasked as Serpent King

  3/30/15 Tallahassee, FL: In a stunning revelation uncovered by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission today, it was discovered that two-term Governor Rick Scott is actually a writhing mass of dozens of snakes living inside a suit of human skin. “I still can’t believe it,” said Nick Wiley, Executive Director of the FWCC. “Pets kept disappearing […]

Red Light Bandits

Chicago. Couple things. First, we love you, really. Your city is vibrant and beautiful. Your downtown is a jewel of the Midwest, and your arts, music, and comedy scenes are the envy of everyone not living in NYC or LA. So it’s with that in mind that I’m disappointed to have to explain some very […]

Arrest the 47

  There will probably never be a week in politics more perfectly tailored for the immense talent and piercing intellect of Andrew Sullivan and his recently defunct blog, The Dish. I would simply kill to read his unique mix of wit and histrionics that would inevitably flow from the twin dragons of the Hilary Clinton email uproar and the […]