You Can’t Stop the Signal…

Hey gang! Couple things to report today. First, please take a moment to boost the signal on Sarah Hans’ Blog and read a short interview about her debut anthology project, “Sidekicks!” She says nice things about my story, “Coffee and Collaborators.”

Now, it’s just over a week before I pack up the rental car and head to Immortal ConFusion in MI, and my panel schedule has been finalized. Here’s what I’ll be up to:

Saturday 10:00:00 AM The Future History Of Science Fiction

Saturday 1:00:00 PM Population Pressure And Space Colonization: Where Do We Go From Here?

Saturday 3:00:00 PM Reading: Patrick Tomlinson & Wesley Chu

Saturday 5:00:00 PM Mass Autograph Session

Saturday 8:00:00 PM What’s Still Taboo?

Sunday 2:00:00 PM I HATE My Genre

I’m really excited to be sharing a slot with Wesley Chu. He’s an up-and-comer in the sci-fi world and an all around great guy. That, and he’s an even stealthier geek than I am. If you’re going to attend, swing on by and say hello, maybe even sit in on a panel or two. And don’t worry, Part V of escaping the pile will be up before I leave.

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