Back to Confusion, MI

So the biggest little con in the midwest is less than a month away. I’ll be attending Confusion, MI for the third time alongside a surprisingly thick roster of other sci-fi and fantasy authors. If you’ve never been, Confusion has quickly become on of my favorites.

Here’s my schedule of panels. It’s going to be a Sunday heavy con for me. If you’re around, drop in and say hello:

Saturday 4pm: Mass Autograph Session

Saturday 8pm: Building the Next Great Epic
What does it take to plan, write, and sell an epic series?

Sunday 10am: Tomlinson/Kaldon reading

Sunday 11am: Science or Science Fiction?
Science fiction novels continue to impress with amazing technological advances in so many areas. What’s more impressive, though? That some of them are reality! Come talk about some of the things you see on the news today that you first read about years ago in a book.

Sunday 12pm: Extreme Weather in Science Fiction
First the ice caps begin melting, and then we get Sharknado. How have real-world weather events influenced science fiction? Can we use science fictional ideas to solve our real-world environmental crises?

Sunday 2pm: Powersuits and Prosthetics
Science Fiction has long imagined a future when technology can replace or enhance human limbs. Join Science Guest of Honor Cynthia Chestek and our costume panelists to discuss how to design plausible robotics for your science fiction hero.

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