Moving Up and Moving Out


Good afternoon, readers. I have an exciting announcement to make regarding the future of the blog portion of the website. After many years shouting into the void, a series of fortuitous accidents has ended with me accepting an offer to become a political contributor to “The Hill,” where I will still be shouting into the void, but from a much larger platform. You can see my first two posts, and some of their inevitable fallout, here, and here.

As a result, the flavor of my personal blog will be changing. Going forward, political or socially-themed posts will largely be directed towards my contributions to The Hill, where the audience is specifically looking for political content. If you’re one of the masochists who liked those posts, and there are a lot of you, I know, I watched the analytics, then please sign up for email updates and follow us on twitter @TheHill.

For the rest of you, this space is shifting gears. Instead of the previous blend, posts here will cover my thoughts and experiences on writing, the publishing industry, performing comedy, musings on genre issues, reviews of books, movies, games, and other pop culture, as well as news and announcements on projects I have coming down the pipeline.

Tonight, I’ll be heading out to watch Star Trek: Beyond, which I am super excited for. The first post of the revamped blog will most likely be a spoiler-free review of the movie after I’ve had a little time to digest it and punch something up on Saturday.

Stay tuned!


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