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It’s late January, it’s 4 degrees out, and I’m just pleased as punch to be driving six hours to visit Detroit Michigan this weekend.

“What?” you cry. “Are you mad? Are you suffering from hypothermia? Are you about to rip your clothes off and run out into the wilderness to die?”

No, fair traveler, I’m excited about going to the biggest little con in the country. ConFusion starts Friday, and for the fourth year in a row, I’ll be getting drunk with some of the best sci-fi and fantasy authors in the country. But for the first time, I’ll legitimately be one of them!

So, this weekend, I’ll be shamelessly and relentlessly promoting my début novel and begging for blurbs on the second one participating in some great programming alongside a ton of other super-talented entertaining people, and also Bradley Beaulieu.

This is my favorite small convention, with the highest ratio of industry professionals to attendees of any gathering I’ve ever seen. It’s cheap, it’s close, and it’s well-lubricated. And it gives me something to look forward to in the dead of winter.

If you’re going to be around, here’s where and when you can find me. Come say hello:

Saturday 10:00:00 AM The Fiction of Political SFF

Most “political” science fiction doesn’t really deal with politics, it deals with the setting out of ideologies. In other words, it tells stories that have little to do with running a government. The result is a debate of ideas where the political is described by greed and corruption, but never the merely bureaucratic. Why are these tropes recycled time and again? How can politics be approached in a more authentic way and remain compelling?

Kameron Hurley, Patrick Tomlinson, Justin Landon (M), Amal El-Mohtar, Max Gladstone

Saturday 1:00:00 PM Food Science in Science Fiction

Agriculture and terraforming in extreme environments or small domes. Sustainable food production in space station environments. What’s Martian taters, precious?

Patrick Tomlinson, Julie Lesnik, Elizabeth Shack, Daniel Dugan (M)

Saturday 3:00:00 PM Gettin’ Punny With It

Piers Anthony and Adam Roberts can’t help themselves. And neither can these panelists. Come watch these punsters compete against one another for the title of ConFusion Punmaster, while discussing whether or not the pun can be used without irony.

Patrick Tomlinson (M), Cherie Priest, Delilah S. Dawson, Dave Robison, Sunil Patel

Saturday 4:00:00 PM Power Armor and Rail Guns: The Science of Future Wars

Military technology in science fiction settings: Who wore the powersuit better?

David Klecha (M), Dr. Phil Kaldon, Patrick Tomlinson, Matt Pearson

Saturday 5:00:00 PM Autograph Session 2

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