ConFusion Approaches!

Hello friends! As some of you know, every January I make the pilgrimage to Detroit, MI at the height of Midwestern winter to attend one of the best small cap cons in the country.

That’s right, it’s almost time again for ConFusion. I’ve snuck my way onto several panels this year that I’m pretty jazzed about. Here’s where and when you can find me:

Saturday 10am: Interstellar Colonies, a Hubristic Fantasy? I’m moderating this one. My series is about a generation ship starting an interstellar colony. No one else gets to speak.

Saturday 2pm: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? An exploration of near-future tech such as self-driving cars, AI assistants, autonomous armed drones, and thousands of Donald Trump clones.

Saturday 5pm: Autograph Session. Come buy my books directly from the source and let me scribble in them. Maybe dribble, too, if you’re lucky.

Saturday 6pm: Reading with Adam Rakunas. Wait, seriously? Oh, that’s going to be a disaster. No, seriously, a complete shit show…

Sunday 12pm: Here’s What They Did to My Baby! I’m moderating this one, too. We’re going to talk about all the shit our editors pulled on us before they’d publish our books. There will be lamentations.

So, if you’re going to be around the Con, stop by and see me. Say hello. Buy a book. Buy me a shot. I’ll never forget you. Unless a lot of people buy me shots.

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