TRIDENT’S FORGE is Ready for Preorder!

TridentsForge final cover


Hey folks! A couple of big bits of news today. The second book in the Children of a Dead Earth cycle, TRIDENT’S FORGE, is now available for preorder on Amazon. The release date of Feb 2nd is a little suspect, just so you know. Last I knew, it’ll be published sometime in April. If you’ve already preordered THE ARK, thank you, you’re my hero. If not, you can find it here. THE ARK will be launching on November 3rd for sure.

The other big bit of news is we’ve signed a deal with Audible to produce audio versions of THE ARK, TRIDENT’S FORGE, and the as-yet unnamed third book in the cycle. The audio versions will launch right alongside their paperback and eBook counterparts. So now you’re all out of excuses. Hurry up and buy!

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