I’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy Before…

So let me get this straight. A cocky American male with a habit of shooting first, making 80’s pop culture references, and wearing AMAZING coats is ripped away from Earth to a remote part of the galaxy, where he accidently get swept up with a motley band of criminals who escape their confinement, including a muscle-bound warrior, a tiny wise-ass, a plant, and an alien woman who’s beauty is matched only by her deadliness, who our main character immediately starts to fall for.

I’ve loved this story since it was called FARSCAPE, bitches!


But seriously, they’re both just awesome. And considering the comic predates Farscape by quite a little while, the question of who copied homework off of whom gets a little murky. Regardless, plots, backstories, and characters are secondary to execution, no matter your medium of storytelling. Both did so beautifully, and as Picasso said, “Good artists borrow, great artists steal.”

If you liked Guardians of the Galaxy, Farscape is on Netflix. Binge all four seasons and the made-for-tv movie. You will thank me later.

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