SFWA Reception 2011 and Other News

Mmm, some big updates to post today. Firstly, I’ve recently returned from a SFWA reception in New York. They did it right, renting out a private room in Planet Hollywood on Times Square, complete with an open bar, which I’m sure some of the participants came to regret the next morning as they stumbled into work. Fortunately, we Wisconsinites are made of tougher stuff, and I held my own. There were some amazing talents present, including editors, agents, publishers, and all the other behind-the-scenes people who make our little industry work. I must give a heartfelt shout out to Brooks Sherman and Alice Speilburg, who helped pass the evening with good humor and better advice.

In other news, I’ve completed and submitted the Abyss Walker novella project. Nothing left now but the waiting and inevitable edits. Also, another agent has requested a look at the full manuscript for A Hole in the Fence. So one ream of paper and a toner cartridge later, I have another torpedo in the water. Gotta hit something eventually.

Now that the novella is complete, I’ve returned to two projects that had been on hold, including a short story set in the BattleTech universe, and my second novel, which generated some considerable interest among the crowd at the SFWA reception. Nothing like having Charlene Harris’s agent ask to see some material to get a writer motivated.

I’ll be headed to World Fantasy Con in San Diego at the end of the month. Things are starting to get really exciting around here. Keep checking back for updates.

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