If you tried to visit the site in the last couple of days, but were unable to, I do apologize. Apparently, I’m important enough now to be hacked by a gang of unemployed, basement-dwelling teens in Bangladesh. Although I must admit that I am astounded by their skills, what with the labyrinthine system of biometric security features this site employs. My only question is which one of them had to do the whole Mission Impossible, dangle-from-the-ceiling-don’t-touch-the-floor routine. Truly, these were computer infiltration masterminds of nearly unlimited power and potential.

What I could have done to offend these masters of chaos enough to divert them from their work cracking the e-vaults at the Pentagon, DARPA, MI5, and Interpol truly baffles me. Whatever it was, gentlemen, I humbly apologize.

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