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Afternoon all! A few things to cover in today’s update. First of all, I was fortunate enough to be last week’s guest on Dungeon Crawlers Radio. If you missed it, you can find a recording here. I come in around the fifteen minute mark, and if you keep listening, you get a bonus interview with actor Ted Raimi!

Next up, I’m going to be appearing at Origins in Ohio next month. Lots of cool stuff going on there. I’ll be sitting on several panels along with a whole bevy of my talented author-type friends, some of us are sure to do a reading party of Sidekicks, and perhaps most excitingly, Eighth Day Genesis has been nominated for an Origins award! All of the authors involved in the Library, (as we’re calling the writing track programing) have collaborated to write an anthology, which will be available for sale both at the show and online, and includes such genre luminaries as Michael A. Stackpole ans Timothy Zahn. My short, “A Blank Canvas” is somewhere in the middle. If you can’t come out to Ohio, please consider supporting the authors by picking up a copy.

And finally, I have a new antho out! “A Walk in the Abyss” features stories set in Shane Moore’s “Abyss Walker” universe. With tales Shane, Patrick M Tracey, Paul Genese, and my short “Unerring”, it’s sure to be a crowd favorite. Paul also edited this one, and brought the same sharp eye that he’s used editing the Crimson Pact series. As an added bonus, you get the first five chapters of my novella “A Wererat’s Tale: The Collar of Perdition! Come check it out!


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