A Little Housekeeping…

With everything else going on around here, I’ve completely forgotten to do my publishing updates! First of all, The Wererat’s Tale: The Collar of Perdition is now available in both trade paperback and eBook formats. Early reviewers have called it the best of the series so far.  I’ll leave that to the reader, but it does have 100% more soft-core bondage artwork on the cover than the previous volumes.

Also just released is an excellent anthology, “Sidekicks!” Edited by my friend Sarah Hans as her first antho project, it focuses on the Number Two’s of the superhero world. The often overlooked proteges, lackeys, personal assistants, and groupies.  My story, “Coffee and Collaborators” leads off the collection with a duo meeting in secret to keep their bosses from blowing up the planet, while protecting their personal gravy-trains. It’s one of my favorite short stories yet. The stories that follow are also excellent, ranging from funny, to action-packed, to desperately sad. A lot of the other authors are friends of mine, and I’m proud of what we’ve put together. “Sidekicks” can also be had in trade paperback or eBook format.

Please consider giving these books a try. I have motorcycle insurance to pay for while I pray for spring to actually start.

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