Good news, everyone! The site has been reincarnated with WordPress, making updates and general maintenance much easier than it had been before. The result will be more brain trimmings from me than ever before. Maybe this is a positive development in your life, maybe not. Either way, I’m excited.

A few things to announce with the new system. First, I had another sale a few months ago, to a wonderful project called Eighth Day Genesis. In short, it is a textbook for writers, game masters, and creatives of all stripes who want to learn how to craft believable worlds. Twenty authors came together, each contributing a chapter tailored to their own strengths in world-building. My own chapter, Building Worlds in a hostile Universe, focuses on the hard science of life around different types of planets, moons, stars, and galactic neighborhoods. This one was very popular at GenCon among both writers and GM’s this year, selling out of all of our paperback copies. Try it, tell a friend.

Next up is a short story I’m really happy with called The Business of Ferrets. I was asked to write a story with were-creatures, preferably not wolves, coming into conflict with steampunk. I picked a were-ferret, with a twist. A little bird told me it has a good chance at getting sold. Watch for an announcement soon.

I bit the bullet and joined Twitter, and I’m actually sort of enjoying it. Catch the random emissions of @stealthygeek by clicking on the Follow button over yonder on the left side.

Also, because the world of publishing doesn’t offer rejection in real-time, I took up stand-up comedy over the summer. Expect a smattering of videos of my attempts on stage soon.

Finally, as there has been some small controversy surrounding this subject inside my peer group of late, I’m going to re-post a diatribe from my Facebook author page from last week:

There seems to be some confusion among my nerdy friends about football and how it relates to being a geek. Yes, I am a massive geek, and yes, I am a massive football fan.

These are not contradictory stances. One does not exclude you from being the other. Let me tell you something about being a geek, maybe the best part, actually. Being a geek means not having to be embarrassed about the things that you love. It means you can shout your enthusiasm from the rooftops without caring what the mundanes think about it. It means being part of a community that doesn’t judge you for your over-the-top devotion to the strange, the off-beat, the obscure.

So why do some of us think it’s okay to be so dismissive of the love of things slightly more mainstream? I have a secret; sports fans are some of the biggest geeks out there. You want endless lists of stats to memorize? They have you covered. Merchandise to collect? Done. Throngs of rabid fans who will sit out hours or days in freezing temperatures for tickets? Honey, you have no idea. Costuming? Have you seen a BW3 on game day?

They’re no different, and no better or worse, than the rest of us. Sure, the guys huddled around their laptops in the sportsbar drafting their fantasy team may not recognize the parallels to a basement full of guys rolling character sheets, but they’re still there.So stop pretending there are different strata of geekdom, or that some types of nerdiness are less legitimate than others. That reeks of the same type of elitism that so many of us chaffed under back in school.

I am a geek about many things. I wear my Packer Superbowl XLV hat as proudly as I display my One Ring armband tattoo. And that’s okay.

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  1. Jeremy - 10/05/2012 - 6:14 pm #

    FUCK YEAH, I didn’t have anything else witty to add…sorry