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The last few weeks have been exciting around here. First of all, I need to talk about an amazing little convention in Springfield, MO called VisionCon. My After Action Report is a little late, but most of that was recovery time. In 2012, VisionCon entered it’s 20th year with a bang. I’ll say this, Missouri is the “Show Me” state, so when I landed, I said, “Show me a party.” They didn’t disappoint. The event was well organized, and the staff, including Melody, Keith, Michael, our gopher Jay, and all the rest made sure things went very smoothly, save for one fire-alarm incident brought on by a badgeless interloper. Everyone was very warm, hospitable, and quite drunk. Even though the con was small, (about 1500 attendees) it always felt very alive and moving. Sharing a booth with Shane Moore, we moved quite a good volume of books. Imagine that, geeks who want to read! I made a lot of new friends, met up with some great contacts, and acquired two new nicknames.

Oh, and if you’re ever at a Con and The Damsels of Dorkington are making an appearance, go! Unless you have something against smart, pretty girls making a ton of geek culture references and swearing a lot. Just don’t sit in the front row. In conclusion, if you’re within a thousand miles of Springfield, GO TO VISIONCON in 2013.

Even more exciting for me personally was the big announcement of the weekend, one I’ve had to be tight lipped about for over a month. As of now Shane Moore is handing off his popular “Wererat’s Tale” series of novellas to a new author. Starting with book number three, tentatively titled The Collar of Perdition, I will be penning Kellacun’s adventures as she works as a spy and assassin for a dark Elven King. We expect book three to hit the shelves around Christmas, although nothing is set in stone yet. Shane and I spend several productive, inebriated hours at the bar at VisionCon laying an outline for this book, and I must say I’m excited to write it. It will be epic.

On the same topic, my first stand alone Abyss Walker novella, Swords and Ploughshares, should be reaching stores in late summer. Keep checking in for more updates.

I’ve just found out that the third installment of the “Monsters” short story series has found a home in the next Crimson Pact anthology. This will be the third book, due out next month, so if you haven’t yet taken the opportunity, please give the first two volumes a try. Each has over five hundred pages of short stories from two dozen up-and-coming authors, many of whom are getting their first exposure to the publishing world through this project. And if you’re still bucking the e-reader trend, (like I am) volumes I and II are now available on Amazon in trade paperbacks.

I think that about does it for now. So until next time, sally forth and get your geek on.

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