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  1. Patrick . . .

    Are you the Patrick Tomlinson who was a member of the Tuesdays With Story writers group in Madison, four to five years back? If so, I’d like to plug the sale of your book to a publisher in our group’s e-newsletter.


  2. FYI – I found the following note on a small piece of notebook paper in a copy of “Trident’s Forge” that I purchased at a Barnes & Noble in Ventura, CA.

    “Dear Reader –
    Redeem this for two beers. Pat will totally honor this.”

    The signature was pretty illegible but it looked like “Adam” something.

    I’ve enjoyed both books, but I’m not holding you to the anonymous beer pledge. If you want me to send you a PDF of the note just let me know.


    Tom Mahoney

      1. You just better hope nobody buy a copy of LIKE A BOSS in the greater Milwaukee metro area in the next couple weeks.

  3. I read your article on Sheriff and wanted to ask you to look into most recent inmate death at Milw. County jail. Oct . 29th. Fox 6 had good report with video . A 29 year old young man, Mike Madden had breathing problems and a seizure ( had a known heart condition ). The officer brought him to center of pod and said he didn’t have time to play – Mike was unconscious as he dropped his knee down into his back. Then picked him up and let him fall to floor and hit head- no 911 called. Hauled his limp body out in a wheel chair no CPR – it’s $20 to buy pulse oximeter to read oxygen level- nothing. He had been no saint with opioid addiction but he had started college for pre law and was on honor roll. His family all love him and will miss him forever – due to conditions at that jail – no training? No protocol in place? Was the officer even fired? We need immediate remedy of this before someone else dies

  4. Hello Patrick,
    I’m a Medical Ethics and Law Postgrad student (graduate in Philosophy). One of my main points of interest is reproductive ethics. Philosophers love thought experiments and I think yours hits the nail on the head so I was wondering, if I ever have to write an essay on the morality of abortion, if I could use your thought experiment and cite you.
    Let me know!
    Kind Regards,

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