Works In Progress


A military sci-fi novel inspired by Cold War submarine warfare blended with corporate espionage, bug aliens, and a sex robot. I love this book. First in a planned duology, continued with IN THE RED. First draft is done, currently out on submission.

Update: Something’s popped up on long range sensors…


2 thoughts on “Works In Progress”

  1. I’m a reader of sci fi for 55+ years, over 4,000 of ’em. I LOVED your two Ark books. Great world creation (Ark and Atlantis) great tangle of plots and top character development. I hope you write many more in the Ark universe plus others.

    1. Thank you, Alan. I’m glad you’re enjoying them so thoroughly. Book III in the Ark series is moving right along, of course whether we see more after that will depend entirely on how they do out in the wild.

      Stay tuned!

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