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Humankind has escaped a dying Earth and set out to find a new home among the stars aboard an immense generation-ship affectionately named the Ark. Bryan Benson is the Ark’s greatest living sports hero, enjoying retirement working as a detective in Avalon, his home module. The hours are good, the work is easy, and the perks can’t be beat.

But when a crewmember goes missing, Bryan is thrust into the center of an ever-expanding web of deception, secrets, and violence that unravels everything he knew about living on the Ark and threatens the lives of everyone aboard. As the last remnants of humanity hurtle towards their salvation, Bryan finds himself in a desperate race to uncover the truth before a madman turns mankind’s home into its tomb.

For the curious, here’s a schematic I whipped up of the Ark so you can get a better visualization of the ship’s layout and follow along with the events of the story:

Ark Schematic


The stakes are high in this thrilling debut.

-Kirkus Reviews

The case of a missing person should be unheard of on the generation ship known as the Ark. Bryan Benson, chief of security for the Avalon habitat, is determined to find out what happened to the missing lab tech, Edmond Laraby. Benson’s investigation will draw him into deep waters, pitting him against the ship’s elite crew, all of whom seem determined to keep their own secrets as the ship enters its final approach to Tau Ceti G, the new home for what is left of the human race.

VERDICT A murder on a spaceship is the ultimate locked-room mystery, and debut author Tomlinson has a lot of fun dragging his detective all over the ship as he investigates who killed Laraby. The ending seems abruptly out of scale as the author reminds us he’s writing sf and not just a tidy little mystery, but it sets up the rest of the series.—MM

The Library Journal

This is the story I wish I had written. Generation ship. Detective story. Tomlinson takes such discordant elements and weaves them into a fascinating story: a Manet painting, advanced probes, exoplanet imaging, and more. There are echoes of Robert Sawyer’s Red Planet Blues here and I’m hoping that this is the start of a new subgenre: detectives in space!

-J Daniel Batt, of the 100 Year Starship Project. Read the rest of his review here.

It’s been a good year for novels set on generation ships, and Patrick S. Tomlinson’s ‘The Ark’ continues that trend. It’s a fast-paced sci-fi thriller, with a central mystery at the core, with some decent characters and well executed prose.


Fast paced murder mystery and science fiction thriller, that kept me guessing until the very end.  It’s one of the better mystery thrillers I have read…

Books in Brogan


TridentsForge final cover

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*******SPOILER WARNING*******

If you haven’t read THE ARK, the following contains plot point spoilers. Proceed with caution.

The Ark and her thirty-thousand survivors have reached Tau Ceti G and begun the long, arduous task of building their new colony by the sea. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Tau Ceti G’s natives, the G’tel, are coming to grips with the sudden appearance of what many believe are their long-lost Gods. But the first official greeting ceremony between humans and g’tel goes catastrophically wrong, visiting death on both sides. Rumors begin to circulate that the massacre was no accident, and the Ark’s greatest hero, Bryan Benson is told to stop coaching his new love of American football and tackle the mystery. Paired up with native ‘truth-digger’ Kexx, against both of their better judgment, Benson finds himself thrust into the heart of an alien culture with no idea whom to trust, how to speak the language, and how to tell who wants to worship him from who wants to kill him. Together, Benson and Kexx will have to find enough common ground and trust to uncover a plot that threatens to plunge both of their peoples into an apocalyptic war that neither side is prepared for or can afford to lose.

Here’s a map to help readers place themselves during the action:


Oh, and as a bit of bonus content to reward fans of the series, the short story, ‘Last Launch,’ is also being included in TRIDENT’S FORGE!

Watch me giddily unboxing my author copies:


Another amazing story with all the twists and turns I’ve come to expect from Patrick S. Tomlinson.

Books in Brogan

While I once again didn’t realize an Angry Robot Books novel was a sequel and not a first book, I had no trouble picking up and following this interesting and engaging action-mystery.

Strange Currencies

There’s always a fear that an author will suffer from second book slump in a series after successfully building a world we love. No fear of that with Trident’s Forge, which is a riveting tale about first contact. The characters we grew to love or hate in Book #1 still captivate and are brought entirely new challenges in Book #2.

-Popcorn Reads

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  1. read the ARK. loved it. i was with benson all the way. reading Tident-s Forge now. the calebs was too close. i thought something was wrong – theyre trained.

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