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A Blank Canvas

In a world where people wear their sins on their skin, a mysterious stranger blows into town like a tumbleweed. What terrible history lays in secret beneath his flowing white robes? Published in the Heroes! KickStarter by Silence in the Library.

Coffee and Collaborators

A short story written with an upcoming anthology invite in mind. The sidekicks for the world’s most dangerous super-villain and the world’s most loved super-hero meet once a month at a quiet coffee shop to keep their bosses from blowing up the Earth, while defending their personal gravy-trains. Sparks and bullets fly in this punchy comedy. Published 3/15/13 by Alliteration Ink

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The Business of Ferrets

A short story written under the instructions “Write something with were-creatures and steampunk in conflict. Make it fantastical.” So, I did. A were-ferret saboteur is recruited to face a new and deadly Steamer threat. However, even with his formidable skills, can the super-spy survive burrowing deep within the enemy’s most insidious machine? Accepted for the upcoming anthology, Beast Within 4: Gears and Growls. Publication Date: 10/31/14.



Sore Loser

A short story set in the BattleTech universe. After a brutal ambush, can a lowly tech keep her wits long enough to survive and avenge her shipmate? Sold to the BattleCorps website. Publication Date: To be Announced

A Wererat’s Tale: The Collar of Perdition

The third book in Shane Moore’s popular Wererat’s Tale series follows Kelacun as she travels south and takes work as a hired assassin and spy for the dark Elven King. A rat in a forest full of vipers, is there anyone she can trust?
Currently in the editing process.
Publication Date: February 15th 2013.

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Swords and Ploughshares

Written as a tie-in novella for Shane Moore’s Abyss Walker world. It’s going to be a rather unique take on the old biblical adage, Swords into Ploughshares. A mystical sword of legend is lost at the climax of battle, and nearly lost to history when it is discovered by a scavenger picking through the war dead for valuables. Sold to a blacksmith for scrap, it finds itself reforged into the blade of a field plow. Stuck on a rural farm, can the sword find someone of stout heart and reclaim its true nature?
Publication Date TBD.

Monsters on the Trail

The third story in the Monsters arch. The battle gets personal for Katie when a friend turns up murdered. But as she, Jaws, and Izzy unravel the clues, they stumble upon a foe far more cunning, and far deadlier than any they’ve yet encountered. And a secret that has remained hidden for years will threaten to tear their fragile family apart. Found in The Crimson Pact: Volume III.
Published 4/06/12.

Monsters in the Closet

A sequel to Monsters Under the Bed, Katie and Jaws return to battle a new demon threat. But with Izzy growing into a teenager, can she control her summoning power… and her hormones? Accepted into The Crimson Pact: Volume II.
Published 9/09/11.

Monsters Under the Bed

An urban fantasy short story featured in The Crimson Pact Anthology. A paranormal detective is summoned to the scene of a bloody murder unlike anything she’s ever seen. Werewolves, Vampires, zombies, none of her usual suspects fit the bill. Complicating matters is a girl missing from her bed. Can she catch the monster before it kills again?
Published 3/20/11.

Dig Up the Vote

A short story published in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine Issue #47. It’s the heartwarming tale of a young campaign volunteer as she navigates the dangerous world of dirty politics, civil rights, and zombies. Now also available as a stand-alone ebook for the Amazon Kindle.
Published 9/1/2010.

Ride of a Lifetime

A sci-fi short story set in the “A Hole in the Fence” universe. A cocky, young, championship bull-rider lands on a hostile alien world in search of his next challenge. But has Cole’s head gotten too big for his hat? This short story is a bit of a nod to my father, who spent six seasons working the pro rodeo circuit… without breaking a bone. Sold to Apexology: Science Fiction and Fantasy.
Published 8/22/11.

Vatican Direct

Flash fiction accepted by Everyday Fiction.
Published 2/07/11.

Dakor’s Dilemma

Flash fiction accepted by Everyday Fiction.
Published 1/04/11.

Earth Girls are Hard

Flash fiction accepted by Everyday Fiction.
Published on 12/27/10.


A high-fantasy short story accepted for an upcoming Abyss Walker anthology project. Imbued with life, can an arrow weave its way through the chaos of battle to reach its target and fulfill its one and only purpose?
Published 5/3/13 in the “A Walk in the Abyss” anthology. Buy it Here!


Building Worlds in a Hostile Universe
A chapter in Eighth Day Genesis. Introduction: So you want to build a world? Excellent. The current record is six days, see if you can beat it. I have faith in you. But wait! Where are you going to put your world once it’s finished? Just like the suburbs, not all galactic neighborhoods are created equal. Some are pretty rough places to crash. Some are so vanilla and boring that nobody would choose to live there. Let me be your real-estate agent to the stars… literally.
Published 5/29/12

Confessions of a Slushie Machine
An article exploring frequent writing errors editors encounter while digging through the slush pile. Sold to The Bulletin of The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.
Published 4/01/11.


“You can let the bad reviews and rejection crush you, or, as my friend Patrick Tomlinson says, you can let them hone you into something sharper.” – Sarah Hans on Alliteration Ink

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