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Patrick Tomlinson can be seen performing comedy all over the U.S. like totally all the time…  but most often in Milwaukee, Madison, and Chicago. His usual haunts include the Karma open mic each Wednesday in Milwaukee, and the Comedy Club on State in Madison for their Big Deuce show whenever he feels like it.

Patrick also hosts the Cthulhu Comedy Collective quarterly at the fabulously nerdy 42 Lounge in downtown Milwaukee. Read this interview by the Milwaukee Record to learn more about the history and purpose behind his unique showcase.

Upcoming Shows:

-Patrick will be performing at Zanie’s Rosemont August 2nd for the Tuesday Ten!

Recent Performances:

If you’re on the fence about coming out to laugh with or at Patrick, sample a few of his recent sets first. Try before you buy!

Having a Few 2/24/15

Hosting at Comedy Café, Friday 2/27/15


In Vickie Eisenstein’s Dad Bods sketch!

Comedy Club on State 2/24/16

Zanies Chicago for the CampPain2016 March

Zanies Chicago, CampPain2016 June

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  1. A fabulous, diverse, funny comic. You must be a hit with the ladies (of which there are many in a place like Milwaukee). FUCK YEAH!

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